Call Tracking and Recording

Call Tracking and Recording

Know What Makes Your Phone Ring

Phone calls are vital to your business. They are likely the point of contact closest to making a sale, and for major purchases, people simply won’t spend money if they can’t get someone on the phone. For the senior living industry, if you’re not call tracking, you’re not tracking at all. And if you can’t demonstrate results for your marketing team, questions will start to be asked.

Call tracking is a marketing tool for businesses that ensures you can demonstrate your marketing efforts are paying off. It can give you hard ROI figures to present to your team and company, while behind the scenes it give you the hard data you need to keep improving those numbers.

Features and Benefits

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    Real-Time Call Statistics

    View your phone calls in real-time, and quickly access powerful account features all through our interactive, simple, and intuitive dashboard.

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    Call Recording

    Use Call Recording to Assist with Coaching Staff & Qualifying Leads. Record both incoming and outgoing calls.

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    Local and Toll-Free Numbers

    Hundreds of local area codes and thousands of numbers in the U.S. and Canada. Want to keep your current number? No problem. We can port your existing number.

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    Voicemail Transcription

    Save valuable time with our voicemail transcriptions, which will give you the freedom to read instead of listen to your voicemails. Our premium voicemail transcriptions are human-powered, making it higher quality and more accurate than automated transcription.

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    Keyword Call Tracking

    Keyword Call tracking is one of our most advanced and useful features. When a visitor comes to your website following an online search, we assign a unique phone number to them during their entire stay. When they call, you will know who called and what keyword(s), pages, etc. they saw.

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    Email Notifications

    Never Miss a Lead Again – Our instant email notifications keep you plugged into your business. Each email notification you receive contains valuable information that will ensure that leads are responded to quickly, and that your customers receive the service they expect.

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    Dynamic Number Insertion

    Quickly integrate call tracking into your website by using a unique phone number for each source, such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Organic, Yelp, Facebook, or any other website. The correct tracking number will be displayed when a user reaches your website via one of those sources.

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    Whisper Message

    This powerful knowledge gives you real-time feedback by telling you which marketing campaign your call is coming from. With keyword-level call tracking, the whisper message can provide insight into what keywords the caller used to reach your site. More importantly, it gives you an informational head start that helps your team close more business.

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    Advanced Reporting

    With our Advanced Reporting, it’s easy to analyze your call data by source, page, keyword, day, and more. You can view multiple reports, based on the type of call tracking you decide to use. If you want to further customize your reports, easily export to an Excel spreadsheet and manipulate data to your heart’s desire.


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