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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

We understand the industry and your challenges, and we have the passion and experience to drive your occupancy to 100% and keep it there.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Primo Solutions has established itself as the premier mystery shopping company in the United States and Canada, helping businesses better evaluate the shopping experience they offer and evaluate their service. Although many of our other services are used in a variety of industries, our Mystery Shopping services are specialized in the Senior Living Industry.  We understand the industry.  We understand the challenges.  More importantly, our passion for the senior living industry and commitment to excellence is second to none.  You have a number of vendors to choose from, but you only have one truly specializes in YOUR industry.  We look forward to partnering with you, and helping you achieve 100% occupancy in your communities.

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We send in our experienced shoppers who provide quality and timely feedback when business owners can’t be there. Our shoppers offer their personal experience to our customers with each and every shop. The goal of every shop is to help you identify opportunities for improvement and to highlight the positives. To be the best, you have to sell differently, and the mystery shopping program will identify those key components to do exactly that. After all, it’s time to stop selling the product and start selling the experience. To help evaluate the customer experience, we provide the following types of mystery shops.

Do you realize that about 80% of all deals are lost over the phone? Typically, a prospect will call 8-10 communities, but they will only go visit 2-3 communities. So, when they get off the phone with your community, they are not looking for a reason to come and see you. They need to narrow down their choices, so they are looking for a reason to mark you off their list. Have you ever evaluated your answering service? How do your weekend and shift employees handle calls during non-business hours? The fact that the shops are recorded makes this an extremely efficient training tool. There are companies that record all incoming calls, and that is a great tool as well. What makes mystery shopping different is that you will receive a written report from the shopper revealing their experience. The telephone shop is a quick and cost effective way to see through the eyes of the customer. Use the contact form to request a complimentary Telephone Mystery Shop.

What really goes on during the sales presentation or the customer service experience? Is rapport being built? Are needs being identified? Did the salesperson ask for the close? Are the customer service standards met? Our in-person shops will help identify the strengths and opportunities in each customer interaction and achieve data for a business to evaluate and measure particular staff services and sales ability. You have the option of an unrecorded shop, audio recorded shop, or video recorded shop.

Market Research Shops are very extensive mystery shops, and normally require multiple contacts with different aliases. Market research is critical in your decision-making process. It provides in-depth information about your competition. Compare your product, prices, concessions, and most data that is used to make day to day business decisions. These shops are much different than competitor shops as it can require multiple calls, emails, and sometimes even in-person visits to gather the required information.

As a result of technology, most of our communication these days has turned to a digital format. Instead of calling, we are emailing, texting, and posting to our social media sites. The challenge is that most salespeople do not understand how to handle the email leads. How many times have your customers completed a contact form on your website and never received a response? How long does it take for them to receive a response? How many times do you get the automatic email immediately, but never get the follow-up? How many times have your prospects received an undeliverable email because email addresses have not been updated on your website? Is this happening to your potential customers? Competitors leverage their rivals’ weaknesses. Our email shops provide vital information and solutions to moving an email lead to the next step.

Your website is the face of your company. Most people will research your company via the website before they ever pick up the phone to call you. Have you conducted an analysis on your webpage? We will provide you analysis on: broken links, spelling errors, page load time, and effective use of keywords for search engine optimization.

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