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As a sequel to “Selling at Combat Speed,” Mike takes the same concepts and applies them specifically to the senior living industry. In “Stop Selling and Start Caring,” you will be introduced to new concepts and skills that will require you to change your current habits and ways of thinking. The stories and statistics are real. The results are real. The challenging yet rewarding journey is real. The transformation of the industry starts with a personal commitment to change. It will not be easy. You will fail along the way. Few will reach their full potential.

Those who learn how to fail and accept failure as a natural stepping stone to success will be victorious. The choice is yours and yours alone. Today is the day. Right now is the time. Be bold. Be different. Choose to stop selling and start caring.

Selling at Combat Speed - Book

Selling at Combat Speed” is for people who get up in the morning to make a difference in other people’s lives. It is about changing your habits and behaviors, and realizing that your life and those around you depend upon sales.

It is designed for those who crawl into the trenches every day, look the enemy square in the eyes, and never give into defeat. When the sales bullets (the average person calls them objections) start flying and while most are running for cover, the real warriors welcome and overcome them. Instead of looking at the customer as the enemy, we share the foxhole with them and together battle through our differences until we reach the common objective.

And at the end of the day when the smoke has finally cleared and the dust has settled, it is you, the sales warrior who stands alone.

Strong Finish Book

As you begin to read “Strong Finish,” you will not turn too many pages before you start noticing a pattern. The common thread that is woven throughout this book is that of true raw emotion. Some of these stories will be about overcoming adversity. Some will display acts of heroism. Others will portray random acts of kindness and how the smallest gestures can make the largest impact. The guesswork has been removed.

This book is not just for those who are currently faced with adversity and challenges and looking for answers to overcome and excel. This book is also for those who are “smooth sailing” and are looking for ways to make a difference – to make their mark upon this earth.

Regardless of where you are on your own personal journey, this book will accomplish one thing – Inspiration.

Maci's Place Book

Losing a child is the most devastating thing that can ever happen to anyone. Learning to live with that loss is equally devastating. Outlined in this book is the true story of one man’s loss in the hope that it provides comfort and understanding to you.

This journey outlines the psychology behind the way you feel day in and day out, and displays a first-hand understanding to why things are happening the way they are. This book is intended for men suffering from the loss of their child in any number of situations. Yet, if you are a loved one trying to understand what is happening to the man in your life, it can provide guidance as well.

Through the detailed explanations, we hope that those who want to understand the way a man truly feels with such great loss will understand just how incredibly painful it can be.