Call Tracking and Recording

Call Tracking and Recording

Understand What Drives Calls to Your Business

Small-to-medium businesses say calls from potential customers are their most valuable source of incoming leads. Phone calls connect your senior living business to the customer directly–giving them the confidence to buy from a business they trust. Oftentimes, if a lead can’t get in touch with someone personally, they move on to the next business who does respond to their queries.  Call tracking and recording is not only important, but it is critical.

For the senior living industry, if you’re not tracking your calls, you’re not tracking your sales and marketing at all.

Call tracking and recording is multifaceted and critical to helping sales and marketing departments succeed. Tracking and recording can help marketing departments demonstrate which campaigns are performing best–to prove and improve ROI. Sales can use the call tracking data to improve their training and gain the information they need to make the sale. Use call tracking data to report progress and keep that progress moving forward.

Features and Benefits

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    Live Call Data

    See valuable data as calls are happening and take action with the dynamic features available in the interactive and easy to use dashboard.

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    Call Recording

    Call recording ensures that sales and marketing are on the same page, allowing you to streamline your sales development process and optimize your lead management.

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    Local and Toll-Free Numbers

    We can help you port in your existing number or get a tracking number from hundreds of local-to-you area codes. Toll-free numbers are also available.

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    Voicemail Transcription

    Voicemail transcriptions help your team save time. Read your voicemail instead of listening to it. This technology is human-powered, so it’s higher quality and more detailed than automated transcription services.

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    Keyword Call Tracking

    After an online search, each visitor to your website is assigned a dynamic tracking number. This tracking number lets you who the caller is, what keywords they searched to get to your site, what pages they visited before calling, and more.

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    Email Notifications

    Our software sends real-time email notifications when a lead reaches out to ensure that your team responds quickly. Call back while your business is fresh on the customer’s mind.

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    Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

    DNI makes call tracking from your site easier than ever. By designating an exclusive number for each marketing source, a tracking number specific to that channel displays on your site, allowing you to track calls by their source.

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    Whisper Message

    This feature identifies a lead’s source before you answer the call. This gives you the ability to tailor your sales approach for a better user experience and more closed sales.

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    Advanced Reporting

    Dive into the details of your call tracking by source, day, keyword, and much more. You can view several reports at once to synthesize the data you need for analysis and proof of ROI. Export data and move it around as you see fit to suit your reporting needs.


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