Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shoppers

Apply Now to Join our Growing Mystery Shopper Team

*Please note, effective April 1, 2013, we now pay our shoppers via PayPal.

We are currently looking for shoppers in the United States and Canada. You MUST apply as a Mystery Shopper to receive any information about current and future mystery shops. When applying to Primo Solutions, LLC as a shopper, you are agreeing to and accepting the terms of the Independent Contractor (IC) Agreement. CLICK HERE to read the agreement. If you have any questions about becoming a mystery shopper for Primo Solutions, please send an email to shopper@primosolutionsllc.com or complete the SHOPPER CONTACT FORM.

We currently operate on the Prophet platform.  Be advised, if you are signed up as a shopper for a different company, you still must sign up as a shopper for Primo Solutions to conduct any shops.

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