Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The term of our contracts are one year.  If you are looking for a term less than one year, we will consider that on a case-by-case basis.
Although you know the status of your organization better than anyone else, our experience allows us to analyze what services would be most beneficial and how often the respective services should be utilized.  Many of our clients will provide us with their annual sales and marketing budget, and then we work closely with them to implement the best program based on their budget.
Absolutely.  Best practices have shown that using a combination of our services can increase your ROI much faster.
This will really depend upon your needs and how strong of a sales counselor you have.  However, at a minimum, we will recommend at least 2 days a month for the first two months.
We recommend 2-4 coaching calls a month.
We provide both phone and on-site coaching.
Yes.  We provide group training for groups over 5 attendees.
Yes.  Although recording prospect calls and mystery shops is great, the power comes into play when you provide coaching and training based on the recordings.  We can provide analysis and coaching that specifically relates to the recorded calls.
Yes, we offer both local and toll free numbers.
Yes, all incoming calls are recorded.  It is your option to record outgoing calls.
Unlimited.  You can have as many as you need.
Digital Comment Cards can be deployed in a number of ways to include email, custom web links, embedded on your website, and on iPads/Tablets.
Once a Digital Comment Card has been completed, responses can be viewed in real time.
YES.  You must have a Private Investigator license to conduct any shops in Nevada. 

It depends on where your employees live.  There are 12 states that require their employees to sign a tape consent form.  However, we encourage our clients to have their employees sign one regardless of what state they reside in.  The 12 states are:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada (Must have Private Investigator License to conduct any type of mystery shop)
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington

Yes.  We normally collect a 30% non-refundable deposit before all work begins.  At the end of each round of shops, we apply a percentage of that deposit to your invoice. 

Yes.  If there is something that we did on our end that does not make your shop beneficial, we will conduct another shop at no cost to you. 

We allow you to make as many changes as needed.  The only restriction is that we cannot change the form during the middle of a round of shop being conducted.  There is no cost to you to make these changes.  

Anyone in your organization can be assigned a secure logging to access your project.  The access is based on a hierarchy so users only see what they are supposed to see based on their position in the company.  For example, the VP of Sales and Marketing will see every shop.  The Regional Managers would just see the shops performed in their regions.  The Executive Directors would see all of the salespeople's shops.  Each individual salesperson would only see their respective shop.  The hierarchy is completely customizable.

Yes.  Your data and reports can be downloaded as a PDF or Excel file.

We provide you with a number of standard reports that will help you easily manage your program and have the detailed information you need right at your fingertips.  Here are just a few examples of what kind of reports you will receive.

  • Shopper Report
  • Recording
  • Overall Telephone Ranking
  • Overall In-Person Ranking
  • Section Report - Telephone (i.e. Building Rapport, Needs Discovery, Closing, etc.)
  • Section Report - Telephone (i.e. Building Rapport, Needs Discovery, Closing, etc.)
  • Question-by-Question

If the data is in your project, we can build you a report to see it.  Additionally, we can create a number of different and specific views that will show up every time you log into your account.

Our system allows you to specify the core colors of your project so it has “the look and feel” of your organization.  Additionally, we will brand your surveys and reports with your company logo. 

Choose any style of question for your forms -- Yes/No, Yes/No/NA, Drop-down-box, Date, Time, Large comment box, etc. Scoring is highly flexible, easily handling complex scoring such as calculative and dependency scoring.  Each question can be assigned a weight based on the importance. 
Absolutely.  We believe that the survey should coincide with your current training program. 

Primo Solutions partners with Archon Development out of Tallahassee, FL to bring the most powerful and flexible software in the mystery shopping industry.  The system is called Prophet.

  • All of our reports are accessible on a secure website 24x7. 
  • All telephone recorded shops are done in real time using cutting edge technology for optimum quality.
  • All reports and recording can also be downloaded to the client computer.
  • The standard reports can be imported in Excel or as a PDF.
  • The online system allows users to create user friendly graphs that can be pasted into PowerPoint, Word, etc.
  • Prophet can automatically e-mail users or appropriate managers about shops that meet any criteria.  Some possible examples might include:
  • Notify managers when shops are published so they don't have to spend time checking for new shops.
  • Notify appropriate global/regional/district/store/etc. managers for unusual scores.
  • Alert project administrators when certain shoppers submit results.

All projects on Prophet are hosted in-house with our partner.  The project is hosted on a state-of-the-art server bank and high-speed fiber-optic Internet connections.  All data is incrementally backed up twice a day to secure, off-site locations.  Full backups are made regularly to DVD and archived.

During the entire life of the program, we welcome your feedback.  We realize that feedback will only make the project more successful to meet your needs.  We are committed to addressing your feedback, and if the changes can or cannot be made, we address that as well.  We will provide consultative advice as well, but the last word is always yours. 

Unlike most companies, we quality check every shop.  If we happen to miss something and you are not pleased with the shop as a result of something we did on our end, we will conduct a re-shop.

All of our shoppers are Independent Contractors.  When selecting shoppers, we always try to use past shoppers who have been successful.  We also search for shoppers who have been certified through MSPA.  We do have dedicated schedulers who work aggressively to recruit and train shoppers. 

  • When selecting our shoppers, our first priority is the geographical location of the shop.  Our Schedulers search their internal databases and reach out to other schedulers in the industry if necessary.
  • Next, we send out an email to all shoppers and give them a synopsis of the shop requested.  Shoppers then reply with their intent to complete the shop.  Once we select the shopper based on a list of criteria, we provide the shopper with detailed information regarding the shop.
  • Based on our experience, we have found that it is better to not train the shopper too much regarding the industry.  All of our shoppers have previous shopper experience in the senior living industry or other industries.  They know and understand the methodology of mystery shopping.  If they are trained too much in the industry, we have found that they are more likely to be spotted as a shopper.  As previously stated though, if the shopper does not meet your expectations, we will conduct a re-shop.
We shop exclusively in the Senior Living Industry.  There are times when we will make exceptions, and those are handled on a case-by-case basis. 
The cost of your project depends upon several factors (e.g. type of shop, number of shops, etc.)  Please contact us for a quote.
We customize the following shops to meet your needs:
  • Telephone Shops (Recorded)
  • In-Person Shops (Audio and Video Recorded)
  • Market Research Shops
  • Email Shops
  • Website Analysis
For details about each of these shops, CLICK HERE.