Identifying Needs


You have them in the door, sitting at your desk. Now what? You need to build rapport, but you all need to identify their need.

When you are building rapport with someone, you are doing one of the most important steps in the process. This sets the tone for the rest of the call or meeting. Now you face one of the biggest steps in the process – identifying the needs of the person sitting in front of you.

Many people miss this step. They do not take it because they are concerned with the overall comfort of the event. In other words, it is often uncomfortable for the customer to open up. This allows the customer to feel vulnerable, and that is a feeling they choose not to have.  However, we want and need to get to the emotional side of the sell.  That is not easy to do.

It is rare that people will willingly share emotions with just anyone. Would you walk up to the guy on the street you do not know and instantly start communicating your feelings? That is not likely to happen.

Not only are most sales people not willing to do this, but also they know that when they do, the person will knock them right on the floor. Do you head out on a first date and ask questions such as, “So, what happened in your last relationship that you felt the need to leave?” or “You went through divorce, huh? What was that like?” You would not answer these questions and should not be asking them either.

Remember, you are not on that first date any longer with your prospective client. You have already taken steps to build rapport with the person. You have started building a relationship with them and you are building trust and integrity with them. They feel comfortable with you and they are willing to share what their needs and concerns are.

When you understand their needs, you are the one with the microphone in your hand, so to speak. You have discovered the prospective resident’s hot buttons, the things that they need you to provide for them in order for them to close the deal with you.


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