Mystery Shopping Alone is not Enough

How many times have you lost a client because mystery shopping did not change their current state? Has the client ever stated, “We expect to see an impact if you plan to renew our contract”? Many times, our clients expect us to wave our magic mystery shopping wands and positively affect their current situation. What some do not understand is that making an organizational change is a two way street. Mystery Shopping companies provide the resources to identify strengths and areas of opportunity. However, that is just the beginning.

Help Yourself

Benjamin Franklin once said, “God helps them who help themselves.” Now we are certainly not Gods my any stretch of the imagination, but we can certainly help our clients. The solution is that our clients need to be prepared to help themselves. Once the shops have been completed, an action plan needs to be in place to analyze the shops and integrate the results of the shops into a training and coaching program.

Changing Behaviors

A good manager is very capable of making small changes here and there to correct a specific issue. However, the idea behind creating a successful sales and customer service team lies in a complete change in behavior. This normally takes a skilled and professional trainer who will dedicate time before, during, and after the training to continually follow up and follow through on the results of the mystery shopping program. A good manager will recognize the need for a dedicated trainer/coach to take the organization to new heights. The “not so good” manager will cut the training program out of the budget to try to save a dime and does not realize they are losing dollars.

The bottom line is that mystery shopping is not enough. It is a great starting place and a resource that cannot be replaced by online or telephone surveys. It not only tells you the “what” but it also points out the “why” which is a critical point in any sales and customer service experience. Starting the race is not enough. Those who finish are the victors. A mystery shopping program integrated with a well-planned training program will guarantee positive results. It’s never too late to get into the game. Life is not a spectator sport. Lace up those shoes, get off the bench, and run like the wind to the finish line.

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