Employee Engagement is so important.  Research shows it cost 2x-3x a person’s salary to replace them.  The main reason employees leave organizations is because they feel under-valued and under-appreciated.  Most companies in the industry conduct an annual satisfaction survey, but quite frankly, that is simply not enough.  We live in a world where we can have just about any piece of data at our fingertips in near real time.  If we are measuring the pulse of our organization just once a year, we will never get ahead of the employee turnover statistics.  We can turn that around by allowing employees to provide feedback at their convenience throughout the year.  The Pulse Digital Comment Card (DCC) allows you to collect real-time feedback from your employees in three different areas:

  1. Monthly Employee Engagement – Discover the “pulse” of employee engagement on a monthly (or weekly) basis.  If there is an issue, you can correct it immediately.
  2. Super Stars – Allow your employees to recommend other colleagues for going above and beyond.  One of the top drivers of employee satisfaction is the interaction with their fellow employees.  Now they have a tool where they can recognize each other, and drive morale even higher.
  3. Virtual Suggestion Box – Allow employees to provide suggestions and recommendations 24x7x365.  You will be amazed by the number of great ideas that come from your team members.  Our employees possess a tremendous amount of innovation and creativity.  This gives you the opportunity to tap into it.


The tool can either be emailed, saved on the employee’s computer, or added as an app to their smart phone.  With this tool, you are able to work with issues and concerns as they arise.  Here is a sample Pulse DCC for you to see:  http://dcc-surveys.primosolutionsllc.com/s3/The-Pulse.  You receive the feedback in the form of a PDF that is emailed to the respective company representatives when a response has been completed.  (In this demo, it asks if you would like to receive the email with the responses.  I would highly recommend that you add your email so you can see the true power and functionality.)  Also, this is fully customizable and branded with your company branding.  This Pulse DCC was designed for employees, but a similar one can be created for residents and family members as well.

Contact us to learn more about The Pulse or any other Digital Comment Cards.

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